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2016 Fall League
Updated: 11/19/2016

Saturday December the 3rd, 2016 is our league lunch and project day, PLEASE READ THE LEAGE NOTE BELOW FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THIS.  If you have a garden rake / yard rake please bring it because the more people we have raking and picking up the faster the project will go.  This is a no skill project just raking the rocks off of the trap fields “Bill O has sensitive ankles”.  No really it is hazardous on the trap fields; if you are a member the range provides working discounts on membership fees.  Your project time can be used towards this discount.

If you need any assistance or have questions please check with your squad captain or one of the committee members.  Meet at the big awning near the shotgun office by 9:00 A.M.  This is a quieter location than the awning by skeet field #2 which usually has active shooters during our meetings.

Recent Activity
Updated: 10/30/2016

Squads shot according to the schedule.  Several make-up games were also shot on this day.  The weather was fairly nice and all had a great time.  Robert has returned from Hawaii and looked semi tanned and very relaxed with his shooting.

League Note
Updated: 11/13/2016

The lunch came up on us fast, as this was a short league season.  I want to apologize if it seems as though I have been a little distracted this season it is because I am.  I am sorry for that, that being said...  The lunch is this coming weekend.  Once again we have been blessed as one of our members has been gracious enough to provide us with the beef for our hamburgers.  Therefor the lunch fee will again be lower than normal between $6.00 and $8.00 dollars, we will have a hard number for you on the day of the lunch.  We do need a head count so as always please send an email to Lona Owens at Shapeshifter@comcast.net.  Just click the link and send her an email letting her know that you are coming and how many people will be attending with you.  The price is per person so plan accordingly.

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Updated: 11/5/2016
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