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2017 Youth Shotgun Clinic
Updated: 5/3/2017

The 5-day 2014, 2015 and 2016 Youth Shotgun Clinics conducted at the SVSC were very successful.  This year the 5-day clinic will be conducted from June 19 through June 23, 2017.  The program is intended for those with little or no shotgun shooting experience.

This free program will be available to boys and girls who are at least 12 years of age but not more than 18 years of age.  The clinic includes two full days for the NRA Basic Shotgun Course presentation and three half days of shooting at the shotgun range.  Shotguns, ammunition, range fees, and the NRA Basic Shotgun Course materials are provided at no cost.

Applications will be made available on or about May 6, 2017 at the Main Range Office during business regular hours and at the Shotgun Range Office but only on Saturdays and Sundays.  You may also acquire the information from the club's website at www.sacvalley.org.  Only 20 applications will be accepted. Applications must be received on or before June 11, 2017.

NRA Certified Shotgun Instructors will be present for the NRA Basic Shotgun Course and to supervise three morning sessions of trap shooting at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center (SVSC).  Additional support will come from members of the Folsom Shotgun League.

The SVSC reserves the right to alter the program should funding or conditions change.

2017 FSL League
Updated: 5/3/2017

Message from Dean...
I scheduled everyone all on the same day to do our shoot away day on Saturday May 6, 2017.  We would like to invite everyone to shoot with us; we could all meet and have an away shoot day.  This of course is above and beyond the league fees.  Bring water and maybe a snack and 100+ rounds of ammo.  I normally bring 125 and carry 1 box in my belt bag and 4 in a little ammo carrier.  Lona and I both have gun carts that can carry some guns and ammo.  We will probably shoot at Coon Creek as a change from our normal Comanche Hills.  Please share this information with your teammates to ensure everyone is aware.  If you have any questions please reach out to me and I will assist in any way that I can.

We hope to see you there; I am including information about Coon Creek below.  If we arrive around 9:30'ish and meet in front of the club house, we can start shooting by 10:00 a.m.

Coon Creek Trap & Skeet Club 5393 Waltz Rd., Lincoln, CA 95648

Please view the website for prices.  Coon Creek ONLY accepts cash and personal checks.

In a Row

Congratulations to our newest "In a Row" member.  Click on the PHOTOS link to see his new hat.  If you have a photo of your 25, 50, 75, 100 or more "In a Row" photo send it to the email "In a Row" and we will post it on the website...
Recent Activity
Updated: 4/23/2017

On April 29, squads 1 & 2 are scheduled to shoot Skeet and squads 3 & 4 are scheduled to shoot 5-Stand.

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Updated: 5/3/2017
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