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2017 Summer League Information
Updated: 7/17/2017

Squads 5 & 6 are scheduled to shoot Skeet and squads 7 & 8 are scheduled to shoot 5-stand.  This will be the first morning of our 8:30am start time.  Please try and be early or at the very least on time as we are doing this so that everyone can start shooting sooner and leave before the heat gets too bad. George G. “Vise Chair” will be running the league for about 3 weeks as I am moving and will be busy in the weeks to come.  Before anyone asks I am not moving to Oregon “wink, wink” like Robert did.  Bill O. is going to be sending out an activity report for you all please watch for that as well.

Recent Activity
Updated: 7/15/2017

This was another fairly warm day, but fun was had by all.  All squads were scheduled to shoot and there were quite a few people there.  There was lots of complaining about scores this day but it did no good, they would not change mine for me.

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Updated: 7/17/2017
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