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2018 Summer Shotgun League
Updated: 8/8/2018

On August 11th squads 1 and 2 will be shooting 5-Stand.  Squads 2 and 3 will be shooting Skeet.  Squads 5 and 6 will be shooting Trap.  Please arrive by 8am for a breif meeting and shooting will start at 8:30am...

Recent Activity
Updated: 8/4/18

Squads 1 & 2 are scheduled to shoot Skeet while Squads 3 & 4 are scheduled to shoot Trap.  We only have a couple more shoot days so please try and coordinate with your Squad leader to make up any games you may have missed.

League Notes
Updated: 8/4/2018

Shoot Away Day August 18: It is coming up and normally we have a pretty big turnout.  After talking to my team mates we are going to go to Coon Creek this season.  As we have not shot there in a while and figured it would be worth a go.  Besides the Shoot Away Day falls just before a big shoot there so the anticipation is that the machines will all be working.  Again as always everyone is invited to come out and join my squad and me but please coordinate with your squad captain and let them know one way or another.  I will send out a separate email with address and times later.

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Updated: 8/8/2018
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