Flsm  Shtgun  League
What is the League?

The Folsom Shotgun League is home at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center's (SVSC) shotgun range and is affiliated with the Folsom Shooting Club (FSC) that owns and operates the SVSC.  The Folsom Shotgun League is a recreational shotgun league operated by its members with the intent of having a safe, organized and enjoyable trap, skeet and five-stand shooting experience.  Newcomers and beginners are always welcome and fancy shotguns are not necessary.

History of the Folsom Shotgun League

The first league session occurred in the summer of 2010 with only 9 participants.  During 2011, we conducted three separate sessions, Spring, Summer and Fall, which has become our practice. Additionally, a committee was formed with five league members to govern the league.

In July 2013, our application to become an affiliated club with the Folsom Shooting Club was approved by the FSC Board of Directors.

Our principles have been:

League Schedule

Typically the league operates three 11 week sessions each year: spring, summer, and fall.  Most sessions include 100 trap targets, 100 skeet targets, and 100 five-stand targets.  We shoot two rounds (50 targets) on each scheduled Saturday shooting date.  Occasionally we have performed some shooting on Sundays because of range congestion that has occurred on some Saturdays.  A signup period is conducted for each session and members may sign up for each of our three annual sessions each year, or just one or two sessions as your schedule may allow.

Schedule Format

A typical 11 week session schedule includes open dates for makeup and shoot-ahead shooting to accommodate absences.  We also include optional shoot-away dates in our session schedules where squads meet at another club to shoot some other shotgun sport.  Sporting Clays is the popular shoot-away activity.  We generally have a project date where we perform a range improvement project and on the last day of each of our three league sessions we have a lunch.  In the months between the fall and spring sessions (November to February), we commonly conduct one-day fun shoots celebrating Thanksgiving, the Holiday Season, and or the New Year.  Most of the fun shoots have been for fun, and with prizes.  Our fun shoots are optional and with separate fees.

League Fees

There are no league fees.  Upon signing up for a league session, you will pay for your targets at the posted SVSC rates.  Thus, SVSC members pay $72 for a 300 target session and non-members pay $96.  We charge no additional fee for participation in our league except that the shoot-away and one-day fun shoots are at extra cost, and they are optional activities.  Participants must provide all shooting equipment, including a shotgun(s), ammunition, shooting vest or shell pouch, eye and ear protection.


A registration period for each of our league sessions is announced in the SVSC newsletter and Forum, and is posted at the SVSC Shotgun Range Office.  After the registration period is closed, squad assignments are made and a schedule is developed.  Registration and fee payment is conducted at the SVSC Shotgun Range Office.  All minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times during league activities.

League Committee

The Folsom Shotgun League has a governing committee that consult on the schedule, squad assignments, rules and operation of the league.

Rules and Responsibilities

The league rules are provided to each participant upon signing up for a league session.  Our rules are rarely needed, but were designed for safe and fair shotgun shooting.


Safety is of the upmost importance.  Our league rules, along with the rules of the SVSC, require all league participants and guest to observe safe gun handling and shooting rules.

League Contacts

To contact the league, ask about us at the SVSC Shotgun Range office or call the League Committee.

Main Range Office Telephone:

(916) 354-9668

Folsom Shooting Club website:


League Committee Chairperson:

Dean Springer

(916) 494-4149